Diversity Book Review
Reviewer: Michelle Machemer, Vice President, Information Technology
Title: Wonder
Author: R.J. Palacio

Wonder is a beautiful story with a message about self-acceptance, bullying, friendships and diversity.

The main character, a boy named Auggie, was born with a disfigured face. His mother home-schools him during his lower elementary years. His family wants him to socialize with other children his age so, beginning with fifth grade, they enroll him in school. Auggie tries not to draw attention to himself, but the children notice him and taunt him.

Auggie is very bright and eventually makes a friend. His friendship has some ups and downs (I won’t share the details; that may spoil the book). Auggie also has a sister who puts his needs before hers. Their special relationship is threaded throughout the book.

Wonder is marketed as a children’s novel. I think there are lessons for people of all ages.

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