Together: A Journey for Survival

Diversity Book Review
Reviewer: Liz Rubin, Director, Advanced Analytics Performance
Title: Together: A Journey for Survival
Author: Ann S. Arnold

Together: A Journey for Survival by Ann S. Arnold shares the account of how her father, aunt and grandmother survived the Holocaust during World War II. The reader encounters emotions such as horror, fear and sadness as the Schonwetter family leaves the only town they knew in Poland, to go to the ghetto, to living in the forest, and going from attics and barns, to hiding under a pig sty.

Barely getting by on berries and the kindness of local townspeople, it is so unimaginable that a mother with two children under 10 years old could survive this horrific situation over several years. As many Holocaust survivors have long since passed, this book about the Schonwetters is all the more important so we never forget the Holocaust as a society and educate the next generations.

What also transcends this book is the love of family, and the lesson of never-ending hope of staying together even in the most abject conditions. The positive message from the author and her family is inspiring. Their hope propelled them from the depths of despair and saved them from the Nazis.

This book reaffirms that by working together, we can face even the most challenging situations. Collaboration, or working together, is a core competency related to how we achieve our professional goals. While one might suspect a depressing book about the Holocaust; on the contrary, Together: A Journey for Survival offers messages of hope, tolerance, positivity and togetherness. May this book spark us toward even more noble ways of living and working together.

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