The Days When Birds Come Back

Diversity Book Review
Reviewer: Kala Ramkhelawan, Sales Training Analyst III
Title: The Days When Birds Come Back
Author: Deborah Reed

This is a beautifully crafted book which references “Indian Summer”, a poem by Emily Dickinson. The poem includes the lines: “These are the days when birds come back/A very few, a bird or two/To take a backward look.”

Indeed, this is exactly what the two main characters in the book do – try to understand how they came to places of such sorrow and dysfunction. Their stories are compelling and complex.

The main characters, June and Jameson, have both experienced deep sorrow. This has shaped their lives and made them isolate themselves in their little bubbles of grief, guilt and regret. Thrown together in the picturesque setting of June’s childhood home, a little cottage in Oregon, they forge a fragile connection that allows them to slowly confide in each other and find solace in each other as they try to come to terms with their past.

This is a slow, character-driven and thoughtful story. Anyone who is not a stranger to loss and grief, and understands the process of healing, will find elements of the story resonating with their own lives.

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