Lily and the Octopus

Diversity Book Review
Reviewer: Daisy Chan, Vice President, Enterprise Communications
Title: Lily and the Octopus
Author: Stephen Rowley

Lily and the Octopus was a book my son was reading for school so it was lying around the house when I picked it up and read the first few pages. I was introduced to Ted, a gay writer with writer’s block, whose best friend and confidante is Lily, his aging dachshund.

Author Stephen Rowley’s fictional novel creatively brings to life this “best friends” relationship through the many conversations that Ted and Lily have about love and life. The dialogue is whimsical and touching at the same time as both deal with disappointment and change. When Lily’s well-being is threatened, Ted’s response is fierce and heartbreaking.

I don’t know that this would have ever been a book that I might have found on my own. But I am glad that I picked it up and gave it a read. I was drawn into this world that was fantastical but relatable. I almost forgot Lily was a dog. You’ll have to read it to find out more about the octopus because I don’t want to include any spoilers in this review. Perhaps the biggest lesson for me with this book was not to judge it by its cover. I would have missed out if I did.