CRASH! Leading Through the Wreckage

Diversity Book Review
Reviewer: Alison Banks-Moore, Chief Diversity Officer
Title: CRASH! Leading Through the Wreckage
Author: Carla Moore

Carla Moore shares a personal story of how a devastating moment changed her life for the better. On Tuesday September 18, 2007, Carla was in a devastating car accident. Most people do not make it out of a car accident like that alive. People would think a car accident would be one of the worst possible things to happen to them, but this accident truly was a pivotal moment in her life.

Prior to the car accident, Carla was a completely different person. Carla’s weight was fluctuating between 250 and 350 pounds, single at 40, and besides her career and academics, she still had not figured out her life. This car accident and another shot at life gave her the opportunity to reinvent herself. Carla believed there was a bigger reason why she survived that car accident which led her to losing over 100 pounds, running a 5K, reactivating community service duties and seeing Rome. These were all goals she had wanted to accomplish for years, but never was able to push herself to do so. After accomplishing the goals she set for herself, she continued pushing to strive for better and inspired others around her.

What is taken from this book is, it is not about perfection, it is about progress. You may not do everything perfectly, which is okay, as long as you are making steps to move forward. Everyone may have a “crash” moment in their life that allows them to put things into perspective. This book shows that we often want things for ourselves but to actually accomplish these goals we need to believe in ourselves, and have others around us believe in us as well. Having a good support system behind you can go a long way.

This book emphasizes the importance of keeping up with your personal life, just as much as you keep up with your professional life. Carla shows how she was extremely successful at her job, but still did not feel fulfilled because she was not happy with herself. Being able to have a balance between one’s professional and personal life is essential for one’s well-being. Finding your passion and purpose in this world, will push you to do amazing things. “Crash! Leading Through the Wreckage” is an inspiring book about perseverance, taking responsibility for your own actions and learning to love yourself. May this book encourage others to transform their lives for the better, find their passion and fall in love with themselves.

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